We had a great ride today, lots of people came out for it. Big group=fun times. I am alive and doing well from it. I rode strong and consistent today and really enjoyed having company. Sunday the plan is to ride the loop hard and faster. I am gunning to hang on! The weather today was windy at times. It stayed a bit chilly throughout the ride, but I was comfortable. My friend Michelle (PIC) absolutely rocked the house today during the ride. She rode super awesome, and it's great to see the progress that she has made over the off season. I can't wait for many more rides with her! Amy was also there and went all the way with us...very strong as well. She apparently recovered from her long Tuesday run b/c she rode like a rock star today. All the boys we rode with today rode great. But...they are boys so we expect that from them.

Now I am going to take my third bath of the day, this one with Epsom salt, and in about 2 hours I am going to call it a night. Enjoy your Easter weekend.

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