luna-logo.gif I just found the coolist link on Lunabar's website. I am a huge fan of not only the Luna products, but also their philosophy of empowering and engaging women to compete in sports. Plus, I absolutely love their new Luna Moons. I got a little burned out on the taste of Hammer Nutritions HEED, so I switched over to the Pink Grapefruit Luna Electrolyte Splash. I really like the tangy sour taste, but Troy thinks I have a case of the crazies! I also have been playing around with the Recovery Smoothie. It makes an AWESOME recovery drink when you can get back home after a workout and mix it with milk, ice, frozen strawberries and pop it into the blender. If you are away training and need your recovery drink within 30 minutes of exercise you can mix it with water, but I tend to choose another product in this situation.

You know how I am all into the mental aspect of endurance sports, right? Well, this like is a cool little tool where you can create a little collage with quotes and pretty art. You could print this out and stick it in your racing journal. You could incorporate it into your pre race mental preparation. It lets you get a bit creative and it's SUPER easy to use!

Here is the one I created this morning. Our color ink cartridge is out but I am going to ask Troy to print it off.

If you decide to create one, leave the link in the comments below if you don't mind others viewing it for added inspiration.