I was just trying to brush my hair. Can't a mom brush her hair just once a day? Is it so much to ask? As of yesterday I don't even have much to brush anymore. hair.jpg

I'm in there brushing away and I hear a loud crash. I come running out to find: plant.jpg

Can you tell what this is? It's my herb garden lying on the carpet like a busted up murder scene. The culpret...Annabelle. She knocked it over. For the first time EVER in her life I am so insanely mad I have to sit down. I am light headed. I stick her in her crib, give her a little talking to, and the tears start rolling. You all know what my herb garden means to me. It was very upsetting, kinda like she put the cat in the dryer or something.

I collect myself and get started on cleaning up the mess. Annie helps me repot the herbs, who knows how well they will bounce back.

As I am cleaning up the carpet, I happen the glance in the dogs water bowl and there lies my wallet. Yes, that's right, not only did she manage to destry the herbs, but she ALSO decided my wallet needed a bath.

How is it that a two year old can cause so so so very much damage in such a short amount of time? I am just flabbergasted! We are now headed OUT of the house where the wrath of her energy can be distributed amongst the world. Just my little gift to all of you.