bags.jpg Uh-Oh. I got the crafty bug last night! For several weeks I have been wanting to make something called a Wheat Bag. It's exactly as it sounds, a bag full of wheat. Rather than choosing fabric from the store I got the idea from Eden on Your Balcony to procure used fabric in the form of thrift store skirts. I had a huge pile of clothing from Troy, Annie and I that was headed to the thrift store so we all pulled items from there.

The idea of a wheat bag is to warm yourself rather than your house. Turn down the thermostat and pop your wheat bag in the microwave for five minutes. When I brought this up to Troy, he totally wanted one too. Am I embarrassing him by saying that? He picked out a old fuzzy green Cabelas shirt from the pile and I'm pleased to say his turned out the best. We hung out with ours last night and we are hooked! We even crawled in bed with them after letting the heated bags lay under the covers for a few minutes while we brushed our teeth. I made one out of an old tie-dyed shirt of Annies that was my favorite and I never in my dreams imagined how much she would love it. We heated it up just a tiny bit and sent it to bed with her. Total happy clam!

The wheat I used was from Whole Foods and it was Cracked Red Wheat Berries. It was 57 cents a pound and I bought 16 pounds which filled all three of our bags. I just cut up the fabric and put right sides together and sewed around all sides, leaving a hole to put the wheat in. Then I stitched up the slit. They are that simple! I made all three of them while we watched a movie last night!

Then I woke up this morning, still in the crafty mood. I was hunting around the web and I found these awesome directions from Not Martha on how to make a skirt from an old pair of jeans. I remembered that I had an old pair in the goodwill bin so I pulled it out and threw this totally fun skirt together. Here is the front of it.


Here is the back of the skirt.


I love projects like this because they are quite willy nilly. You don't really have to follow the directions, if your crafty, you just go at it until your done. These jeans had holes in the knees and I sewed them up all funky as the last step. I completely LOVE LOVE LOVE the back. I used old fabric out of my scrap fabric bin. If you are interested in a shorter skirt, you can wing it for that too!

Usually the crafty bug is like a 24 hour thing with me, so I'm sure it's almost over! Ha!