The pook-er-ator has become the great Hodinini two year old. It's clear that she has some serious climbing genes, after all, mom, dad, grandpa... climbing is in her blood. She escaped her crib for the fist time last week but we caught it on film today. Not like it was a hard thing to catch, she will do it on demand. The nice thing about it is that she sleeps through the night really well now. She has slept completely through for the past 4 nights. Between 6:30 and 7:00am we hear the pitter patter of feet and her sweet little voice saying "Mama...Dada" like 2 inches from our nose as we lie blissfully, hoping for another 1/2 hour. The combination of a solid bedtime routine and her having the ability to leave her crib whenever she wants was apparenly the trick. She has given up daytime napping about 50% of the time, and without a way to really enforce it, I am outta luck!

So...I guess it's time for a big girl bed? Is that what all the good parents do at this point? Something about a safety hazard, maybe.

In other bad parenting news Annie got ahold of the scissors while Troy was trying to clean the bathroom and she did a number on my herb garden. What did the poor garden ever do to her? Apparently she's got a beef with it. Actually I think it's just a case of "Mimic Mom" who is constantly clipping herbs. And who says she is having trouble mimicking?