You know those "streak runners" who try to run every day without taking a day off? I'm a newbie streak swimmer. Racking up the yards, getting used to the pool. I've got a swim clinic with super famous and 200 record setting Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen next weekend. The following weekend I'm tackling the Ironman swim in a yard pool for a timed 2.4 mile swim meet run by the swim dogs (I hope there are no actual dogs in the meet, although that might make me swim faster). 2011 is going pretty well thus far on the swimming front! January 1: 8749 yards

January 2: 1969 yards

January 3: 3000 + 3281 = 6281 yards

January 4: 3450 yards

January 5: 3250 + 2734 = 5984 yards

January 6: 3200 yards

January 7: 3007 yards

The first 7 days of 2011 came in at 32,640 yards.

Only 967,360 yards to go until I hit the 1,000,000 mark (said with pinky on my bottom lip and an evil laugh).