I had to share this really quick before I head to bed. Tomorrow (and every day next week) are early swim days just like last week so I gotta get my head on the pillow BUT... I have to show you this video. Part of my plan to become a better swimmer is to create some swim "memories" that are positive and lasting. See, so many "lifetime swimmers" have tons of memories of high school swimming days, and meets, and goofing off with friends in the pool. I get it, I have all those same memories with running because I ran cross county and track in high school. So I started taking my camera swimming last week because I'm trying to create memories of joy that are associated with swimming. I really do think this will help...if not make me faster, it will help me enjoy it more.

Also, I'm big on the mental aspect of sport and I really need to stop saying "I'm a weak swimmer" or "I'm not a very good swimmer". So the photos are reminding me that I am a good swimmer, and working on getting better. Fake it 'till ya make it Sonja!

Chuckie gave me two "family flops" this week. That means: head to the pool and swim around with the family. Get in some light stuff but play with Annie in between and keep it all fun and silly. Coach really always knows best. He knows how to get the work done, but also prescribes a balance that promotes fun, and attachment. Love it! Very "up my alley".

Family flops were difficult in the past but since I signed Troy and Annie up for Greenwood Athletic Club too, now we can all go and enjoy and play together. There were so many hilarious moments during our family flops this week but this one is my favorite. I call it the "Pook Buoy" (if you didn't know Troy and I call Annie "Pook", it's short for "Pookette" which is what I called her when she was in my belly).