I really do have other things to talk about! I do. I have so many exciting things in the works. I'm working on a trail running adventure in March. It's going to be a 3-day, super remote, crazy endurance challenge that has me a little scared, and definitely questioning my own sanity. But it's good for me, every spring I like to get in touch with the tough durable mountain chick that I am. Plus, who wouldn't want to do that here:

I'll leak more information as soon as I get the guts to admit publicly what I'm planning. You all will like it though. You seem to like my spring adventures and I often get emails hearing about how much you like my little running videos, so there will be plenty of that. Also it seems that the more I beat myself up, the more page views I get, so lets go for broke!

PIC and I are also getting ready to go to CAMP! Yes, sir, we are headed to SWIMBIKERUN our brains out with Chuckie, Ang, and CurlySue in Tucson in a few weeks. I'm so excited to visit a warmer climate and ride my bike outdoors.

Finally I'm so excited that Love Grown Foods is going to sponsor me this year! They are a local Denver company that has a tremendous POSITIVE energy. They are like ME in a company, and I think you can taste it in the Granola that they make. I first tasted them after the Denver Gorilla Run and wanted MORE. Who wouldn't want more LOVE? Thanks Love Grown, I can't wait for a great year together! Love Grown is on Facebook and on Twitter too. Check them out, they just launched nationally so you should be able to find it in your local Kroger stores.

Okay, and since I couldn't go a whole post without talking about swimming, here I go! Guess what?? I am on schedule to swim just over 100,000 yards (that's 56 MILES) in January! I need just over 6K more and I'm there! 93,597 yards as of today. I'm on track to hit 1,000,000 yards by Kona, you know, just another 900,000. And to top that off, I have just had a few of the best swim workouts ever the last two days.

The first was yesterday afternoon and was the second installment of my "marker set". That's what I call it, it's the set Chuckie has me do to see how I'm feeling. We got to pick it, and mine is 15x200 with increasing rest and (hopefully) descending times. Troy and Annie swam while I got started and then when they got cold they joined me on deck. Again, Troy is becoming my secret weapon when it comes to my swimming (Annie too...she's such a trooper). Having him on deck is like having a personal coach watching my every move. He has watched in detail all of Karlyns videos and he gives me feedback every time I hit the wall. Last week my final 200 was 3:12 (meter pool). Yesterday with lots of Troy's guidance it was 3:03. I couldn't believe it when I saw the clock.

the meter pool makes me feel like I am back at square one. I remember when I was trying hard to break 3:00 for a 200 in the yard pool, and now, here I am again, trying to break 3:00, but I'm in the meter pool. At first it was discouraging and I was always computing back to yards to stroke my ego. Now, I'm embracing the meter pool and I'm setting new goals.

Also, Michelle says I'm officially a swimmer now. You know when you start dreaming in a foreign language that means you are fluent? Well, on a set of intervals on the bike a few days ago, I looked down and I had 1:20 to go and I said to myself "That's just 100 in the pool, 3 flip turns and your home, make them good". If I'm comparing bike intervals to the pool...PIC says that makes me a gennnuineee swimmer!

Finally, I'm dedicating this song to Troy. He said today "You downloaded that?" Umm, yea, and I LOVE it. Especially when I saw this video, it just reminds me of being in love and cherishing the joy in the little things that bring you together. Most the time that's the junk that nobody else would find fun. Love is what happens in-between the lines, during the pauses. So whether you like it or not, Boo, this ones for you!

And now weather is almost 60 here, and so the bike calls. Boo and I are heading out for a ride.