garden.jpgSpring has sprung: A recent shot of my patio garden.

I can feel myself coming out of my funk, but it's slow. I had a great 8 mile tempo run today with the even miles hard. I was able to keep the tempo efforts between 6:30 and 7:00 pace, and the easy efforts were just that...easy. I went out to the familiar Highline Canal and enjoyed running in the sun and light breeze. Spring is definitely here. After I got home from my run (which I had awesome weather for) it started raining with big claps of thunder and lots of lightening. I so so so live in Colorado, the official "random weather state".

So every time I get into a funk (like now) my natural tendencies are to: One) get myself on a daily routine Two) deep clean the house.

I don't know what it is with the routine, I think I crave some consistency and some control when other aspects of my life feel out of my control. Part of that routine has included tracking my food again. I felt like my food intake was getting a little out of control, not in the calorie department as much as the types of food that I have been eating. In a quest to get food on the table quickly I have relied on a lot of Costco lasagna, which is fine once or twice a month, but not every other day. Breakfast has been shoddy at best, it's always my toughest meal. So I went looking for an online FREE site that I could track my nutrition. I found this awesome site called SparkPeople. You can use it for weight loss, but there are also a lot of people on there that are more fitness based, and tons of people at their goal weight and giving the maintenance routine a go. The tools on there are helpful, and the format of the site is unique. If you are looking for a nutrition and fitness tracker online, check it out. The more I click around, the more I find!

So the deep cleaning house part of my funk has definitely hit hard. Two days ago I went to town on the bathroom. I scrubbed everything and went through every drawer and cabinet and trashed everything that wasn't heavily used. I even went through our first aid bucket and got rid of expired medication (like advil and stuff). Crazy Sonja. Troy thinks I'm loopy, but he just grins and smiles.

Lastly today: My friend Michelle put together this great little snack that I thought I would pass along. She took plain yogurt and added Fat Free Sugar Free Jell-O Pudding mix to it. You get the yummy benefits of Yogurt (cultures, probiotics) with a little sweet taste, and it thickens up like pudding. Then she added some bran cereal, and this morning I added some cut up strawberries. It's a totally yummy breakfast, or a tasty post workout snack. Just thought I would share.

Lastly Lastly today: Troy bought a new (to him) road bike off Craigslist last night. He came home very happy from the deal and spent the rest of the night cleaning it up. It needs a tune up, but after that I suspect he will get a lot of great riding out of it (unless he drives it into a garage) (I couldn't resist, blame it on the funk).


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