Swim like a rock star at Masters in the morning, hitting your 100's in 1:35 in the meter pool. Mix with a trip to the plant sale at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Top with a loaf of Cinnamon Swirl Whole Wheat Bread gifted from a wonderful Friend. Bake for an afternoon. Funk Gone.

Ahhh, I can feel the release of the the funk. The tight shoulders are relaxing. The smile is coming back. The funk is on an outbound train, headed somewhere else. Today's events (thus far) really helped the funk exodus.

The morning started off with a solid swim workout. 15X100M all under 1:40, lots around 1:35. Then 500 kick set followed by 10X50 and 8X25 all out.

Then it was off to the annual plant sale at the Denver Botanic Gardens with my friend Hillary. It was members day and we were there at 8:15 waiting in line with the 500 other members that JUST HAD TO BE THERE FIRST. What a hoot. Hil brought the wagon and we both had the kids in backpacks for easy maneuvering. We had so much fun. At first there was a total run on the herb tent and it was a madhouse, then we got word that the veggie tent was selling out, so we ran over there and grabbed what we needed. Ahh Crazy Gardeners, you would think it was a rock concert! After we procured our plants we walked around the gardens, all of which we are totally familiar with now and were amazed at how much has changed in a short couple of weeks. Everything is green and in bloom and it just sucked the funk right out of me.

I ended up purchasing a rosemary plant that I am going to plant in it's own pot, two new basil plants, a cucumber (the little yellow ball ones), a patio zucchini plant (who knew...so uber excited about this one), and an impulse purchase of ANOTHER tomato plant (a sun gold that they were only allowing people to buy one of...this one's a gift though because three tomato plants in ENOUGH for one patio).


Upon walking back to the car Miss Hil presented me with the most yummy, tasty looking loaf of bread. I am calling it Funk Be Gone Bread beacuse after I got home and had one slice of it, I felt compelled to write this post. Thank you Hillary. You guys don't understand, this bread is to die for! Troy is going to flip a lid when he gets home and has some (he's taking his EXAM today). Here's a photo for your drooling pleasure.


Buy bye funk. Uh yea, Bye bye.