I arrived back on the big issland nice and early this morning. After a trip to Costco, Safeway, and both health food stores in Kona I checked into Michelle and I's cute little apartment and built up my bike. It was sprinkling but I just couldn't wait to get out on the road.

I rode down Ali'i, underneath the ginormous banyon trees. Already there are so many banners up, and athletes meandering around. You can tell that every flight arrival at the Kona airport yields more and more bike boxes.

Lava Java was booming, athletes hanging all over the patio...coffee coffee coffee.

Out on the Queen K I could finally relax. I noticed that my bike needs a few tweaks. There seem to be a few things out of place after it's 2 day trip in the bike box. Poor little thing.

I rode out on the QK to remind myself a bit about the run course and the bike course as well. The road is so smooth and quick. The lava is just as welcoming as ever. Here are the airport palms blowing in the wind.

On my way back to town I got passed by this cute couple (I assume they were a couple). We had a dandy little head wind and when they went by she was just tucked in behind her man getting the best draft EVER back to town. Look how tiny she is and how big he is. Pretty cute.

My legs felt pretty good for all the travel I just put them through. Tomorrow I have my last long ride and I'm so jazzed to be able to do it on the Queen K. Excite!! A little later in the day I have a massage and then I get to pick up PIC from the airport. It's totally strange being out here alone, so I'm excited for her to roll into town.

I think I may start the day off out here tomorrow though. Look at that! All the buoys are out, all the way to the IM turn buoy. I can't wait to get out there and have some fun!

Off to bed now. I think it's not even 7 o'clock here, but I'm tired and it's dark so I'm hitting the hay!

If you are headed to the island I hope we can meet up and if you are just checking in here to read about my experiences, then WELCOME!