Today was my last long training day before Kona. It all started out with a little swimy-swim in the ocean on the IM course, I made it out to the third big buoy (it's out of sight in the picture)...maybe a little farther tomorrow. That would be fun. I didn't see any dolphins...or sharks. However there were lots of fish, and coral, and Ironman swimmers. I'll take some pictures tomorrow for you all.

It was busy this morning, almost all the little cubbies were taken at the swim start. By this afternoon they had up the tents and corral where you can check in your belongings while you swim. Things are really starting to shape up.

People have been so friendly and talkative. I've been here by myself so it's been nice to have conversations with at least a few people every once in awhile! One of the guys was trying to calm my nerves this morning about sharks. I'm not really scared of the sharks, but he was intent on putting my mind at ease.

This super adorable lady was so excited about seeing some Yellow Tangs from the sea wall. I didn't have the heart to ask her if she had been in the water, most likely not since the yellow tangs are plentiful underwater.

I went around to the other side of the pier to take a shower after my swim and caught a glimpse of all these fisherman (fisherpeople?). On one side of the pier was the crazy subculture triathletes, and not 20 feet away was a totally different subculture. Neither cared the slightest about each other. I wonder who was having more fun? I know who was less nervous...

After the swim it was run time. I headed from PIC and I's place on Ali'i southward towards the run course turn around. I didn't make it all the way there, but I got familiar with a nice section of the course that I really didn't know too well, so that was great.

Once the run was done it was time for my last big long ride. Oh Boy! I loaded up 5, yes count them 5 water bottles and headed out the door. I don't have any pictures because I couldn't fit my camera in my pockets. The last ride went well. The Queen K is hot and windy, there's a shocker. I did make a friend out there. I had company for the way back into town and it was really nice. It kept me honest too which never hurts.

After my ride I was sweaty, and hot, and pretty gross, but all I could think about was First Endurance Cappuccino Ultragen. It was my lucky day and it went down in about 3.2 pico-seconds.

The perfect end to the perfect day included a really nice massage (that kinda hurt in some spots in a good way) and then picking up PIC Michelle at the airport. It's nice to have PIC here now, she's totally my sister from another mother (and father).

I got her a few leis for her arrival (insert your favorite joke here)...

Tomorrow is yet another day in paradise, this time with a nice long swim on tap and some feet up time. I can't wait!!!


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