Today was all about the OCEAN. The day started off with an awesome swim with lotsa lotsa electronic friends who are now friends for real! It was neat to meet the great girls that I connect with via twitter and Facebook. Such speedsters they all were, and just kind and nice. I love the community that comes with triathlon. Michelle, Michelle, Beth, Libby, Katie and I

All of the them are divine swimmers so they took off to "kill the course" and I took off behind them to meander around the course, sometimes haphazardly, sometimes offcourse, but always with a smile on my face.

I had a good swim today, I felt like my body is starting to come around and feel more like normal. That last big block was a doozy and I'm loving all this swimming to bring things back to normal. This is my view from the middle of the ocean on the course.

and underwater...

Haha! There is this section out there where there is nothing on the bottom but sand. I don't like this section as much as the others. I can sight really well when there is stuff underwater to follow, but when it's just sand I tend to get lost more often. The swells were big today so most the time you couldn't see the next buoy when you looked up. It was awesome. Apparently a swell is coming in and the waves are getting big. Fun times!

After swimming we had a great brunch with Peter (green hat). Peter is coached by PIC and it was great to sit around with him and talk abut life and sport. Great guy, great conversation! Plus, I threw together a pretty yummy brunch to boot.

Next up it was time for PIC to get a little joggy jog on. I went with her on my bike..while wearing a dress. I feel like it's important for me to act like "one of those stupid triathletes" every once in was that day. Riding in a dress is an interesting experience. We traveled just a few short miles but were treated to an Ironman Perform aid station and a Cytomax aid station. You won't go thirsty on Ali'i drive, that's for sure!!

Next PIC and I were really in the mood for some fresh fruit. We packed up snorkel gear and headed in search of a fruit stand. We were NOT disapointed. We shared a coconut...very romantic. We even put the lime in the coconut...and drank it all up!

We are now armed with pineapple, sweet potatoes, avocado, bananas, and rambutan.

Next up was massive snorkel time. Last year I never did see any honu so we went on a honu search. We were successful. Here is Michelle ready to find honu.

And me...very ready!

Sure enough... HONU!!! They were as awesome as I hoped and just put a big smile on my face.

What an awesome day. We are headed out to ride and then dinner after that. One last thing for today. TYR was at the swim today handing out their new goggle that hasn't even hit the market. I swam in them today, I don't even think they have a name, but I totally loved them. They were comfortable and had good peripheral vision which is great when fish abound. Thanks TYR for supporting the sport like you do.