So the screen on my cell phone went KAPUT yesterday. Which, of course makes it really hard to call anybody b/c I can't scan down the list of contacts. Fun times. I also can't store my numbers to my sim card last minute to update it before changing phones. if you don't hear from me in awhile, call me. I'm not ignoring you, I just lost your phone number. It was a ripe time for it to go dead, what with me leaving for Austin for the Capital of Texas triathlon tomorrow. MOM CAME THROUGH! My mom works at Palm, and she asked around, and her friend Sue had a spare Palm Treo 680, new in the box, in a flashy RED color! Mom paid a bundle to overnight it to me and it arrived at about 11:30am today! Then my awesome techie friend Jordan helped me for like two hours and now my new Treo syncs with my Mac computer. They share my address book, and my calendar! Since I don't want to spend the money I'm not going to set it up to share email, that's just a bit too much for me. It's little disasters like this that remind me how much of a support system I have. I have tons of people that love me and don't think twice to jump up and help me.


So, I mentioned that I leave tomorrow for Austin. I am so super duper excited to go race. I have been to Austin once many years ago for work and I had a lot of fun so I'm excited to go back! We are staying close to downtown and close to the race site. I've heard this is a pretty top notch race! It's a 4 loop bike course and a 2 loop run course, so lots of repetition, but also maybe lots of cheering?? The swim is in the river that runs through Austin...yes, you heard me right...a river. How cool is that? First the ocean in FL, and now a river in TX. Sounds like the title to a good book.

So yes, ladies and gents, my head is in the right place going into this race. I am calm, I am happy. I'm not stressed, I'm chill. Just ready to go do my THANG, to swim, bike, and run the fizzle out of my sha-nizzle. Word.