Whew! What a race. We are having a blast here in Austin, and boy is the racing great here. The one bummer is the heat and humidity. I feel like an old lady saying that, but it's true. I didn't bring enough clothes, because every trip outside ruins yet another set of clothes (sweat). No race report just yet, but I'll give you the highlights.

Swim: the river was sweet. But I got severely thrashed in this swim. I just got beat up. I was scared that I wouldn't swim faster than the current on the way back and would end up in the Gulf of Mexico, but I was able to keep up and make it to transition in about 30 minutes.

T1: boom boom boom quick, efficient. Lots of running with the bike before we were allowed to mount.

Bike: The frickin BOMB. Loved it. It was a 4 loop course with tons of turns so I got to practice all of those turning skills that Steve taught me. I pushed hard the entire time and was able to post 22+ mph. 1:07 something.

T2: pretty good. forgot to take my helmet off and had to run 10 steps back to put it back.

Run: Ouchy. The heat gets me. I took the first loop pretty mello and then cranked it down on the second loop. I was throwing water down my sports bra at every aid station. Hot hot hot. I gave it all I had on the run but I still was left with something to be desired. I wished I had been able to go harder. It happens. I was somewhere in the 47 min range, which is a bit on the slower side for me. Heat...I gotta get over that.

Overall, I was either 6th or 5th in my age group. Right now it says 6th but there was a girl ahead who I think only did 3 bike loops. So 5th possibly. Who knows, not too important.

We are having fun here, and the fun will just continue! More highlights when I get home!