Here are a ton of photos that Beth took from the Colfax Relay that we did. First off is two team pictures. I'm sad that my friend Gaye isn't in any of the photos, she appeared later. :(team-kick-butt-1.jpgthe-best-team.jpg Here is Michelle and I having a post race rehash. I think we look like sisters sometimes. post-race-analysis.jpg Here is Andrea, Noel, Beth, me, Laura, and Kayla just before I headed out to do the last leg. p1010018.jpg Here is Laura, Kayla, and Beth after they finished their legs. p1010007.jpg Here is Laura and Kayla enjoying some post run java. p1010005.jpg Here are two shots of Chelsea and I rockin' out after the race while we cheered for others to finish. more-rockin.jpggirls-rockin-out.jpg Here is Michelle, me, Beth, Chelsea, Jenna, and Kayla enjoying the post race atmosphere. cheerleaders.jpg

Here is my favorite shot. Michelle and Ann on top, Beth and I on bottom. The guys were loving it when we took this one. goofy-to-the-end.jpg

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