shapeimage_11.jpgshapeimage_41.jpg shapeimage_51.jpg 9News aired a piece and an article on the Gobbler Chase Snowshoe 5K Race and I “made the news”. Click on the link at the bottom of the post to be taken to the webpage with the footage. Photos curtsey of 9News. I’m not sure how long this footage will be up!

I can’t even begin to explain how fun today was! We had a big group of Practical Coaching athletes travel up to Copper Mountain for the annual Gobbler Chase 5K Snowshoe Race. It’s a great first season race. Good for getting the cobwebs off the snowshoes and for a test run before the intense Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series begins in three weeks. We traveled up as a group which means lots of banter and smack talk.

This was my first race on my new direct mounted snowshoes. 9News did little interview with me before the race (I happened to be talking a little smack about my orange shoelaces). We did a warm up as a group, checked out the course a was thin, and that’s an overstatement (WE NEED SNOW...BAD).

With strict instructions from the man not to go out too hard, we were off. The course was a bit of a short 5K, with all the uphill in the first 1.5 miles. I was sooo happy to be with my teammates and friends, and so excited about being on my snowshoes, that I just WENT. I felt good. AND...I only fell down twice. I have a bad habit of eating it in my snowshoes, but only twice is pretty good for me, it means I was pushing it. I was the lead woman out of the shoot, and I just managed to stay in the lead the entire race. My new snowshoes are really awesome and so light on my feet. And for my win today, RedFeather Snowshoes gifted me a new pair of snowshoes of my choosing. I felt very lucky!

My friends and teammates did really well too! In the women's race we took 1, 4, 7, 9 and 20. If we were a cross country team we would have rocked the house! The boys did well too. Steve was 2nd overall, and Tyler came in right on my tail with Bryan on his tail. I’m so proud of everyone. I think when you have fun together, you race well together!

I had a fun little interview with 9News after the race, and the Summit Daily News also asked me a few questions. This evening 9News aired a piece that was really cute, you can watch it at any of the links below. BEWARE: they don’t get my name right and they call me “Sophie”. I’m not going to even share with you Steve’s comment on that one! Oooh, and I love that it ends with Steve and I running off together in our Practical Coaching jackets! Too Fun!

Happy Gobble Gobble Weekend!

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