shapeimage_12.jpgshapeimage_42.jpg shapeimage_52.jpg shapeimage_6.jpg shapeimage_7.jpg shapeimage_8.jpg shapeimage_9.jpg shapeimage_10.jpgshapeimage_111.jpg We had such a wonderful time spending this holiday with Ron and Michelle in Pueblo. Sam an Annie just tickled us pink as they played so well together. When they get together they become the two most polite two year olds you have ever met.

On Wednesday, we got a late start out of town. It was nice to sleep in though. I had a timed mile in the pool to measure progress so we hit the Greenwood Athletic Club on the way out of town to get that in. My time was 31:15, which is about 2 minutes faster than my last timed mile. So, slowly, and surely, I am getting better little bits at a time.

The drive to Pueblo was quick, we stopped on the way at the YMCA in Colorado Springs to sign up Michelle and I for the Turkey Trot the next day. We had a mellow evening and were able to visit and catch up with each other.

Thursday Michelle and I got up early, left the kiddos with their daddies, and drove up to the springs for the race. It was a BIG race! The course was great, lots of hills through a residential neighborhood and many twists and turns. I took it out strong but felt a bit cold and sluggish the first mile. I came through mile one as 10th overall woman in about 6:35. Then we hit the hills. The second mile my arms felt very sore and tired from the swim the day before. I ran the hills steady, but nothing super impressive. I missed the mile 2 marker. Somewhere around mile 2-2.5 I reeled in and passed one lady, and beat it home to the finish in case she decided to try to pass me back. About one minute after I finished I saw Troy and Annie! They had tried to surprise us by bringing the kids to the race, but got there ONE minute too late! I guess I was just a little to quick for them that day!

I got 9th overall woman (664 total women in the race), and 3rd in my age group. My time was 21:22, which felt great given the cold temperature and stiffness. There were some awesome fast ladies there and it was great to get to run with them!

Back home we went, and in went the turkey. We had a few mishaps there, but all in all Thanksgiving Dinner went beautifully. The hit of the evening was the Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing from Eating Well. It was to die for! I do think a big part of it was that I made it with the cornbread from Trader Joes, it was so tasty!

Friday was a mellow day, we woke up to a totally WHITE post-Thanksgiving Day. It was snowing in Pueblo. I hit the local YMCA for an early morning swim and afterwards Michelle and I did a little Christmas shopping at KOHLs. We headed home after that, renewed, refreshed and happy to have spent the day of Thanks with our closest friends.