Well, that was quick! This one just sort of landed in my lap. I was down in the computer room answering some emails when Troy came down and said he was going to the store. 45 minutes later he came back home and handed me a box. He had purchased me a new Olympus Tough.

Wait? Didn't I just get a new point and shoot camera a few months ago? Why yes I did. I got a Fuji XP. I was really excited about it, but the one thing I didn't like was the battery hatch. When you closed it, it made a little click, and the yellow indicator showed it was closed....but it wasn't REALLY closed. You had to push down on the hatch super hard to hear a second "click" that was indeed closed.

Long story short...hatch not closed...day before Kona...camera dead. We tried to revive it for weeks by drying it out, etc etc, and just yesterday did it start to work again....sort of. I had been lamenting the unreliability of it's resurrection, and wha-lah, Troy just bounces home with a new Olympus. The Olympus is the first camera I had, and it lasted a long time (given what I did to it). So while I gave the Fuji a try, it VERY MUCH failed the Sonja test.

However! The bag that Troy had in his hand was not empty after he handed me the Olympus.

"What's in the bag Troy?

"My birthday present"

(his Birthday is Friday)

"What did you get for your birthday?"

"A camera"

And then he pulls out this!!!

Wha???? So.... #33 Buy a Real Camera can officially be checked off the list. Apparently he has been looking for a few months and my husband who is super money conscious just went out and bought himself a new camera. Very exciting. So the remainder of the night we each spent geeking over our new cameras and taking pictures of each other, and the cat, and the kiddo, and stuff like that.

I will wait a few months to pry it out of his sleeping fingers to try to learn how to actually take photos with it! Super Cool!

I must say, I am looking foreword to having some family photos that are a little bit better quality than the ones we have been taking. I'm excited to learn a little more about photography...as soon as I can get it out of Troy's hands! I have forgotten how photogenic and expressive Annie is, she is such a ham!