Wow, what a slacker I am! See, there is a back story here. In April of 2010 I swam the mile in the short course masters swim meet. I think I swam 24:08, actually I know I did, how could I forget that? It's been almost 2 years since then and A LOT of meters in the pool but every time Chuckie assigns a mile TT (usually it's a 2K TT) I can't seem to get under 24 for the mile. I've tried probably 10 times over the last couple years and it never comes together. So, in my mind, I think I am faster than a 24 minute miler, but until you've done it, you can't really say you are. Since the number seems to be a pesky little barrier for me I put it on the 33 things before 33 list. Little did I know I wasn't quite aiming high enough.

I usually don't blog about the exact workouts CV gives me, but today I will break the mold. I had a morning swim that was 500 warm up, 2K time trial, then cool down. Then I had some other training to get done during the middle of the day, then in the PM, back in the pool for the same exact workout. 500 w/u, 2KTT, cool down.

So this morning, even though I have swam a gawd awful amount this week, and I swam like poo yesterday, I was feeling kinda peppy. I decided to give the old 24 mark a run for her money. Boo Ya! I ended up with a 23:41, and a PR in the 2k with 31:51. I was jazzed, pretty pleased with myself, put me on a bit of a high the whole day.

Troy, Annie and our neighbor Anne came to the PM swim with me. Troy said he would swim every other 50, and some 100s in the lane next to me to keep me motivated. I was a little irritable...I was nervous. I just PRed that morning, what on earth was I in for this evening?


1500M = 23:27

First time under 30 for 1900M (1/2 IM swim) in 29:51

and PR in the 2K with 31:24

Troy made a video! Photo evidence!

You bet your britches that I am eying that 23 minute barrier now. It's nice to have a day like today, believe me for every day like today in the pool, I have 50 that feel like poo. Every once in awhile, the work that has been put in just oozes out of you, and today was one of those days for me.