Isn't it strange how you fall out of touch with your cousins? When I was little I played a ton with my cousins. I am an only child, so cousins are like the closest thing I had to siblings, and boy did I LOVE my cousins. My moms younger brother has 5 children and the oldest three girls were each a year apart and I was a year older than the oldest. We played! We played A LOT! Most the time we had slumber parties at my grandparents house and I have these memories of running around their house with my cousins, playing games, exploring different rooms in the house, and being generally crazy. Yesterday afternoon mom, Annie and I headed to Fresno, a three hour drive, to meet up with family there. My moms brother now lives in my grandparents house so it was pretty surreal to be there again. My grandparents have since moved to Salt Lake City and I haven't been to the Fresno house since early High School. It got crazier when family started showing up. The most wild was my cousin Kristy and her three munchkins. Annie latched right onto her oldest two girls and they played and played and played. It was JUST LIKE when we were little kids at grandparents house. They were running around, entertaining each other, eating WAY too much candy and cookies, and being generally WILD! It was a major trip down memory lane. I took some photos, but not enough. I should have taken a few with everyone there, because I know it will be longer than I think before we see each other again.

Here are a few shots of the girls PLAYING: family2.jpg family1.jpg family4.jpg family3.jpg

And here is Hayden, he's so cute and he just followed the girls around the whole time like a little puppy dog.


We still have such a blast together. We had a blast playing Guitar Hero last night. My uncle has the one where you can sing a long too, and I was loving it. family6.jpg

Here is a 4 generation shot. My grandmother is on the left, me and Annie in the middle, and my mom on the right. It's a gaggle of girls! family7.jpg

And here is a picture with my grandparents that we shot while I was changing Annie into her jammies. fam1.jpg

It was a pretty neat time, I sure enjoyed catching up and seeing how everyone has grown and changed. It's great to see my cousins finding success in their lives, and so nice to meet the men they have married, and to see that they have found love.