I'm not a whim sort of girl. I'm a planner. After getting a Kona slot at Cozumel is was time to look at planning out the season. The races are filling faster and faster. I had signed up for Boston. I had signed up for Eagleman. I put together a schedule, but much like last year it was just a bunch of stuff to get me race ready for Kona. Kona Kona Kona. But honestly, I didn't really want to do Boston. Sorry Chris. I could do it, it's on my bucket list. But really, just the idea of traveling out there, going solo for cost purposes, taking a bus with thousands of others, being all packed in while I ran my butt off, not walking down stairs the next day, etc etc. I just didn't wanna.

You know what I really wanted to do? I wanted to do this:

I know right. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But to me it does, because I love this distance, and waiting until October to race it again makes me sad.

So, I ran it by Dirk, made my case, and he said to follow my heart. I like that. Follow my heart.

I have three athletes racing: Emily, Katie, and James, so this will excite them...hopefully!

PIC and Big Brother Tony are racing.

Keith is racing. Besides being a phenom 100 miler pacer (bonded for life he and I are) he's dang funny. Here he is...up to no good.

Some of my closest tri friends in Denver are racing it as their first: Tyler, Beth, and John. You met Beth in the above photos. John is Beths MAN, and Tyler is...well...Tyler. There are no words to describe him. Sometimes he's this Tyler.

And....sometimes he's this Tyler...he's in green

I just love these folks. There are more too, there is Randi, going for IM#2, Katy, who will swim like a :39 or something ridiculous like that. There is Kirsten, PICs athlete too. Also it's Beths (another Beth) first IM as a PRO.

There is just so much fun and excitement happening. I want to go. I want to race.

And so I signed up...on a whim.