I have nothing prophetic to say. Not one thing. I was just looking through some old pictures this evening, and watching video footage that I took of Annie when she was little. Every parent thinks their child is sooooo cute, and I guess I'm no exception.

I can't believe the little girl that my baby is growing into. Have any of you been reading this blog since she was this little?







We had some difficult years in the beginning. I thought for sure I was going to have my hands full with this little one...can you tell by that last picture?!!

But I don't. Instead I have this beautiful little girl, inside and out, who repeats with me every morning before she goes to school "I am smart, I am kind." A child who doesn't want to give her tooth to the tooth fairy because she wants to keep it (PIC thinks this is very odd). Annie is Annie. She's an only child true and through, an empathetic little girl who loves to go on adventures, loves to travel, and is so extremely easy going.

I'm so lucky. In so many ways.