The hard drive went out in my Mac. Thank goodness I got the Apple Care plan so the replacement was totally covered, but I have been without a computer all week. I also forgot my cell phone charger in California, so I have pretty much been without a cell phone since Tuesday. Yesterday the cell phone was back, but I won't have my computer until Monday.I finally figured out how to post on Troy's work computer. If you read my blog from Internet Explorer, I am very sorry. I just noticed that things don't look "quite right" with this browser (posts are far down the page, wording to the right looks funky). Ick. So tomorrow is the Boulder Sprint Triathlon. I just raced last Sunday and I had a tough week of training and travel so I am definitely going into this race with a bit of a handicap. I'm glad it's a sprint and I am looking forward to giving it a good effort and using it as yet another tough training day. The fact that I have three more races and then it's time to gear up for Nationals gives me the heebie-jeebies. Live every race to the fullest, right?

I have so many bits of news that I can't wait to post once my computer is back in my possession.