Today's race was all about friends. My good friends Hillary, Ben, and Tana came out, bringing along Bens dad as well. You can image my surprise seeing them cheering for me as I came out of the swim. Very excited! Troy's parents Roger and Marla came out as well. I haven't seen them since they got back from a several week trip to Greece. I wish we could have visited more. It was great to have Troy and Annie out at the race again. Having my husband there always makes me feel better. Annie is such a trooper at the races. The Practical Coaching crew was in fine form and I thank them for all of their cheers. It was great to race with Michelle (who knocked it out of the park today), Beth (who is sooo back), Sara (who is ready to kick it into gear again), John (a dad who who was supported by his three cheering teenage daughters), and Barry (who I saw for 2 pico-seconds and he looked GREAT). It was also great to race and cool down with Amy, who has really put in the mileage and has become SO much more than just "Jordan's Girlfriend"", look for her on the podium this year! Great job to all the racers, and many thanks to all the cheerers! We had wonderful weather for the Boulder Sprint Tri today. It was warm, but not too warm. The water in the Boulder res was CHILLLY still. I did a little over a two mile warm up run, and then ten minutes in the water. After watching the start of other waves I headed to the right side of the start line in the water. I noticed that there was much less jostling in this section as most the racers headed left at the start of the race.

The swim start of my wave. Photo by Roger Wieck. swmstrt.jpg

Here is Troy trying to keep an eye on me during the swim with the sun in his eyes. Photo by Roger Wieck. troylook.jpg

Because of my optimal start location and sighting every stroke for the first good section I got off to an amazingly good start in the swim. I felt strong and confident and just tried to stay steady. When I got out I glanced at my watch and was excited to see the 13 number. I was hoping to swim in the 15s at least, so 13's was even more exciting. We had to run quite a ways up the beach before the timing mat and so my official swim time is in the 14s. But still, very happy. I got a better idea of the intensity that I need to bring to Olympic level races in the swim.

Coming out of the water. Photo by Hillary or Ben, not sure. sonswm.jpg

Onto the bike. Any course in Boulder is a challenge. There is always a climb to get out of the reservoir, but you also get some screaming downhill. The way back is always a set of serious rollers. Crazy, but fun. It seemed like there were a lot of people with flats, or dropped chains. I just tried to stay steady, keep the effort consistent, and make big circles with the legs. I came into transition and had a particularly good dismount.

Coming into the transition. Photo by Hillary or Ben. sonbike.jpg

Off onto the run. Usually my favorite part, but it's always tough out at Boulder Res. It's flat, it's gravel, it's straight for a long time, and it can get boaring. LUCKILY, the Practical Coaching team had taken on the task of the run aid station. They went with a Christmas in June theme. Tyler was dressed up like Santa, and all the girls had cute little red skirts on and decorated tank tops. They went crazy when I ran by, I wish I could have stopped and chatted. I know everyone on the course today got a big kick out of the Christmas Aid Station.

Bookin' it home on the run. Photo by Roger Wieck. sonrun.jpg

John coming home on the run, check out the definition in the legs! Photo by Hillary or Ben. jonrun.jpg

Beth bringing it home. Photo by Roger Wieck. bethrun.jpg

Results are here. Swim: 14:20 T1: 0:51 Bike: 49:42 T2: 0:47 Run: 22:06 Overall: 1:27:44 5th in Female 25-29