I get this email and it says "Congratulations, you have signed up for Ironman Wisconsin" and I think to myself...No I haven't... Then I scan down the email.

Troy Wieck has signed up for Ironman Wisconsin.

And I am shocked. The man has never done a triathlon.

Oh dear. We are now one of those couples. The kind where both do Ironman, competing for weekend space, and long ride time. The kind that shares race wheels and buys each other tri gear for Christmas.

I got a little flushed. After all, I like having my husband to pick me up off the pavement when I'm exhausted, and he's heavy, I'm not sure if I can reciprocate!

But, I also think that triathlon is the fountain of youth, and why would I not be excited that my husband wants to dip his toes in it. It's a sport focused on being healthy and we all want that for our spouses.

If you know Troy at all, you know that he has never done a triathlon. He did a duathlon once...and he did a 1/2 marathon once. Yet, if you know Troy you also know that he is probably going to do pretty well at the Ironman. He's just like that. He's always stayed relatively fit, and he looks more like a triathlete than I ever will. In fact when we go to Ironmans everyone always thinks it's him that is competing, not me.

Well, after getting asked 4 billion times how many Ironmans he's done, he can now say "I'm training for one".

And good on him.

One small problem. No bike (just an old crappy road bike), No wetsuit, no tri gear, nada. It's been an expensive last few months!

Troy is 6 foot 4 inches and he has a 36 inch inseam, but a shorter torso. We didn't want to mess around with something that sorta fit but not really so we just went ahead and ordered a custom Guru frame that was built to his measurements. It took 6 weeks, but now we know that it fits him perfectly and we don't have to make any compromises. It's beautiful too.

Scott Geffre with Fit and Tri did all the measurements and helped with the Guru specs before they built it, and Ryan at Kompetitive Edge did all the color design and build up of it. Troy went from crap to tippy top of the line and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So here we go on another wild adventure together. I LIVE for the day that I get to hop into the water at Kona right next to him. Dream big and if you want it...go for it!!