Last night I had dinner with one of my athletes, you might recognize her, she's a breath of FRESH AIR. Ms.Ali as we call her, was the first woman to ever win the Biggest Loser. She's this awesome mixture of smiles and strength, kindness and determination. She's just rad, and it's so much fun to be a part of her journey. It's a win-win for both she and I.

After dinner Troy and I were talking about that fighting spirit. What is it in someone that makes a winner? Ali told us that when she was 4 weeks into the BL she made the decision to win. That decision was firm and she poured every ounce of herself into it. She said, when I decide to win, I win. I LOVED this. It's speaks strongly to her ability to commit fully. How is it that some people have this innate ability and others don't seem to, or don't use it?

It goes beyond hope, beyond "setting realistic goals". There's just something in some people that allow them to throw caution to the wind, and get downright crazy about their goals. I respect that. It gives me goose bumps. Ali gives me goose bumps.


I visited with the Kompetitive Edge guys this evening and we had some great conversations. I can't say enough awesome things about this shop. They support me so well, but the truth is they support everyone that walks through their doors. They listen, they advise, they nurture...and when nothing can be done about your problems, they set you up with wonderful gear and services to get you back on the road training to be your best. (PS have you seen the Oakley women's running line...KE carries it and I have every piece they put out, it's the best running gear I've ever worn...hands down)

We have an insanely talented team. We are mostly Denver locals and yet, the podium positions just keep racking up. Grant and Kendra just won the overall amateur titles at Vineman. Katy won the top amateur swimmer and was 5th overall woman at CDA (including PROs) in her 2nd IM. These women are my teammates, but they are also the ladies I have watched come up and then pass me in the sport. They are both better than I am right now.

I was telling the guys at KE that I hope I'm still of value, now that we have faster, stronger women. It was a bit awkward to say it like that. The guys assured me that I'm still loved. I say that sarcastically, because these guys are just so supportive, but I know in my heart that others have passed me on their way up.

As I drove home I felt a bit like an underdog, but I also felt a little more fire in my belly than I have these past months. Do I want to be the girl who watches everyone get better, while I tread water? Or do I want to get busy? It's the later. The pilot light has been lit deep down.

Dreams really do come true...but it takes a lot more than kissing a frog.

I have been spending some training time this week with Jocelyn and Jeremy. They are awesome. I really love the both of them. We have been having fun riding our bikes all over the place, some epic fun indeed. It's been cool to show them Colorado. Unfortunately PIC is totally out of commission right now with a few lingering IM issues, so that's the one thing I miss. Crime is not as fun without a partner!

I have deemed Friday as "Friday Funday" it's my new thing. On Fridays I have fun. For now that means I go ride my bike somewhere cool. Mt Evans this week, hopefully Aspen next week. Wherever my heart is, that's where I'm headed on Fridays. Last Friday it was Loveland Pass with J&J.

I figure with the amount I train, keeping one day set aside for fun day is a good call. Especially with the weather being so awesome right now, I've just got to get to some of these amazing places!

And, lastly, I can't help but posting this one. Today PIC and I hit another milestone in our relationship, she got to witness my child projectile vomiting hot dog all over the back of my car. Just when you think parenting is getting a little easier....

Thank goodness for good friends and for being able to call in a "CODE RED" to Troy who biked home from work like he was in the TdF.

(PS dopers suck)

(PPS but sometimes they are still hawt...)

(sorry...bad tangent)

Without further rambling....sock hop Annie

Have a good week everyone. Challenge yourself, dream big, and go for it! There is no time like the present!