I made her take this picture. It was right after she said to me "Just think, you are never going to see this face again."

Sounds harsh, but she was right. Her front two teeth have been wiggly for sometime and then all of the sudden one of them got really loose. After she said that to me, I started crying. It had been a long day and I just wasn't ready for my baby girl, my only baby to take that next step. So I made her pretend that tooth wasn't about to come out and to let me take one last photo.

She's a little doll. Especially recently, just so much fun to hang out with. Such a nut too. Here she is with the evil snaggle-tooth. It reminds me of that weird movie with the nanny and the tooth that sticks out. What one was that again? I kept tell Annie "Don't lose it, I'm not ready" and she would say "Ohhh mom." Am I that mom now? The one begging for time to stop.

She wiggled and wiggled and spent about 2 hours in the bathroom in front of the mirror admiring her snaggle-tooth. She pulled on it but it wouldn't come out. At one point she got it all turned around and the sharp part was digging back into her gums and then it got stuck that way. She started screaming "Ouch" and I ran into the bathroom, got a piece of tissue and pulled it out. It was barely hanging on. She looked at me and said "That didn't even hurt." It's true that the forethought of pain is usually worse than the actual pain. Not just with teeth, but in life.

And then I cried, and I cried, and I cried. I just can't handle the fact that now a big tooth is going to grow in and she's not going to look like a little girl anymore. Michelle has been preparing me for this and Troy tells me I'm silly, but I just can't get over it. This tooth has made me want to have another baby more than I have wanted to in the last 6 years. I just lament the fact that I only get to go through this all once. Time please slow down. I beg you.

But it won't. I'm screwed there.

While the munchkin is rip roaring around summer camp, I'm keeping myself busy with Kona training. I am challenging myself more, I am loving my training and I am doing lots of fun things, especially on "Friday Funday." This past week PIC, J&J and I went to Glen Havn. Actually, half the J went to Estes and missed the cinnamon rolls, but us ladies are all about sweets and rewards, so we weren't about to miss them.

We had one of those remarkable days where there was a tailwind going uphill and a headwind coming down. MY FAVORITE! If you are going to have wind, that's the wind to have. And the cinnamon rolls did not disappoint. We had a good day and the fitness is coming along nicely. I'm so glad to have PIC back on the bike and I'm going to miss J&J when they go back to Pittsburgh, but they said I can come visit. I'll have to take them up on that.

On the way back to Boulder jacked up on a sugar high I decided that a mid ride swim made a lot of sense. It was amazing to take a dip in the little lake on the Big Thompson river. I would do it again, hands down. Especially since the temps here in Colorado have been blistering. It's been perfect Kona training, now if those temps can just last through October...I doubt that!!

This last weekend we said goodbye to the trusty VW. We beat that car to smithereens. Like bad! I'm pretty sure they are going to have to total it. We traded it in for a new one, something I've wanted for a long time, a Honda Element. This bad boy can fit both Troy and I's bikes upright inside it without taking any wheels off, and can still fit Annie in the back seat. It's awesome and I feel so lucky to be driving it around now. I'm going for 300,000 miles on it! that's the goal....275,000 to go! I heard this guy on NPR, he hit 3,000,000 miles on his car recently. Insane!

Have a great week, I know mine will be. The end of the work week PIC, J&J and I are going on an epic adventure, and then this next weekend Troy has his first ever triathlon! The HITS "half ironman" in Sterling Colorado. It's supposed to be like 100, I hope he doesn't melt. I can't wait, I'm so excited for him!!!