Man, mid season can be a giant mind-job. I tell ya, it's been a struggle for me to keep my outlook consistent. One day I'm up and happy-snappy, the next day I am low and my outlook is grim. Recovering from the extreme high that I had after Alcatraz has been interesting at best. Let's just say what goes up, must come down. Or does it have to? I'm not entirely sure? So maybe I should say, "what went up, came down". I have known all along that it will pass if I just stay patent and consistent, and I think I am on the "other side" of it. I have been doing a better job in public of handling this quiet time. I took a few pride blows after Boulder Sprint, but I am happy to say that I learned a lot about myself. I learned that my pride is not teflon, comments and expectations do affect me, but it's something I need to take care of, something I need to prepare for. I used to think I could take anything, that I was super strong in my mind... and I am...when I am racing to my ability. But when I have a less than stellar performance, comments and expectations hit me harder. So, that's something I continue to work on.

The odd thing is, I just want to train more, to train harder. When I am rested, I feel like I am under-trained, and when I am tired, I am frustrated that I can't train harder. I have really enjoyed the training this season, especially the cycling.

I have my nutrition on the right track: fish, veggies, and whole grain rice almost every night. Breakfast has been right on and my portion desires have calmed down from growing teenager, to trained triathlete. It's been nice.

So, where from here? I continue to work on my mental outlook, to stay strong, and to stop questioning my training. I continue to work towards performing up to my currently ability, to remain a good role model, and to keep an authentic smile on my face. Consistency, inclusiveness, and light heartedness, despite steep competition, and nerves. That's the goal.

This weekend is the Loveland Lake to Lake triathlon. It's a Saturday race, and I'm excited to have friends and family coming to support me. Chris, Roger, and Marla should be there for sure, along with almost the entire Practical Coaching team. Should be good times.