So I know I have a race tomorrow, and believe me I'm excited beyond belief. But, man, next week is shaping up to be some exciting training. Tomorrow is exciting for several reasons. I haven't raced this race before, so there is the newness and the unknown that's exciting. I am recovered from Alcatraz, finally, so I am happy to be going into the race in the right physical frame of mind. Being in the right place in the body helps me have the confidence to get my brain on track. I have an exciting race game plan that I am looking forward to having fun with. All my teammates, and tons of friends will be there, so lots of good vibes on the course. Lastly, lots of us are staying up there tonight and I am REALLY looking forward to hanging out with my team and engaging in some extreme pillow fighting madness.

So, don't get me wrong, I'm excited about tomorrow. week. Oooh, next week.

On Wednesday we have an all day ride planned from Golden to Winter Park, via Rollins Pass. The road was closed to auto traffic some time ago and the rumor is that much of it is dirt. We are doing it on our road bikes, and have HEARD that it's passable by road bike. All the photos I can find of people doing it are on mountain bikes, so it should be an adventure!

We are in for a real treat up and over Rollins Pass. rp061800b.jpg

Then Saturday we are heading up Mount Evants on our bikes with the ENTIRE PC crew. 2007-06-16-mount_evans_sign.jpg It's 14 miles to the top and then most of us plan to ride all the way back to Denver, including a few more climbs along the way. Should be a super fun week with lots of mileage, lots of vertical feet, lots of laughter, and probably a good 10 almond butter sandwiches consumed!