5 things that I used the heck out of this year and I'm so glad I bought them: My Klipsch headphones. I have 3 pairs because I lose things a lot. I get the nice ($$) ones because I like good sound and I'm already deaf enough. The toggle button works really well and it stands up fairly nicely to sweat, which is a major problem. Sometimes I have to dry them out for a few days to get the buttons to work again, but the sound is worth it and they are comfy as all get out.


Teavana. Oh dear, this was a pricy find! I've always wanted to be a tea drinker, but I wasn't really actually fond of tea, until I discovered the herbal stuff at Teavana. My french press has been working overtime in combination with a mix of the Blueberry Bliss and the Kona Pineapple Pop. I like to add a little rock sugar and pour it over ice. Total treat, but not a caloric one.


Dude, I love my Flylady calendar. We get one every year. This calendar is about FUNCTION. There are no pretty pictures, it's a work horse...like me (hahaha I crack myself up)

See how big each day is? We have found here in the Wieck house that we have to keep 2 calendars. One is electronic and is on every one of our mac devises (we are up to a house count of 7...we have a problem) , and the other is a paper copy on the Flylady calendar. Annie isn't going to check the electronic calendar because she's still learning to read...although it's on her ipad mini, but she has learned to check the paper one every day. She likes to cross out the days too. She decorates with stickers as well when I'm not looking. She was actually crossing out things for a few months this summer and I kept thinking things had been canceled, but she just got black marker happy. So now the rule is "no using the black marker on the calendar without moms permission." This thing has saved me so many times.


My darling ukulele. I don't get to play it as much as I like, but I absolutely love it. I don't see myself ever buying another ukulele, this one was made for me. Annie is now taking lessons and I need to sign myself up for some, but until then, I'm at peace when I'm strumming along.


My indoor outdoor temperature thingee. Why did I not get one of these years ago? Since we don't have a TV (just 7 mac devises) we don't have the morning weather. 95% of the time I just want to know how cold it is right now. This little guy tells me the outside temp and the inside temp. I use it when I'm getting dressed to go run or ride. It makes for super quick decision making. Love!


There ya go, 5 things that have made the year easier, healthier, and more fun. When I was writing this blog I asked Annie what her favorite 5 things were. She said...verbatim: "Toys, the roof over my head, you mommy, oh and daddy too, oh and blankie." I was cracking up over that one.