I watched an episode of Big Bang Theory last night after Annie went to bed. I love that show because Troy belongs in it. In fact last night they were playing D&D and I got a really good chuckle out of that. At the end of each episode Chuck Lorre always writes a little post that you have to pause very quickly to read. I think I watched like 2 seasons before I started pausing and now I always do. They are different passages, sometimes witty, sometimes he talks about the characters, and sometimes, there is a gem like this one. (PS Did you know in real life Raj married a former Ms.India. This makes me smile on so many levels) You can click on it to make it bigger so you can read it.


You know when you read something that is the right thing for you to read at the right time. This one was that for me. Perception...it really does craft our world. The word inspirational is such a buzz word now a days. When I look at the people in my life that inspire me, it's usually because the way they see the world is something I admire. I rarely look up to those that have attained greatness, to be honest I'm usually just jealous, but I often look up to those that see the world as great, as a gift, and it's because I struggle with that.

I was listening to Rich Rolls new podcast this week and it was another example of just a mix of people and opinions that I admire because they choose to see the world as a light bright place. His most recent one, he had on Gabrielle Reece, and it was a great listen, she was funny, but introspective too! I really enjoyed a section where she talked about following your own inner compass and that means not only ignoring when people don't like what you are doing, but also ignoring the praise. They both are just opinions, other peoples opinions, and other peoples options are based on other peoples inner compasses. That's my rewording of what she said at least. I nodded along to that for some time.

Rich is big on each person having a reason for being here. He has very much found his passion and listening to it in his voice, and how resolute he seems to be makes me a little jealous. I can tell by the way that he advocates individuals to find "their thing" that he must feel it's pretty awesome to be on the other side of the quest. I don't think I have found mine yet, in fact I know I haven't or I would be shouting it to the world, and writing books and giving talks. I'm a work in progress I guess. I really like relating to people, and helping people, but I'm not 100% in the right place, I'm still searching for what that is.

I think most of us feel that way most the time.