Some of my triathlon peeps and I went to dinner this evening and we were talking a little bit about weight loss. I got to thinking this evening and realized that I have maintained my weight loss goals for about 18 months now. I can't believe that I actually made that thing they call "A Lifestyle Change". It's been equal parts of more exercise and better eating. A lot of you that read this blog see the current Sonja as the newer thiner version of the Sonja you know, but my triathlon peeps never ever got to know the rounder Sonja. I went searching for a few pics this evening and found some. In many ways the plumper Sonja is still right there inside of me, and I really enjoyed her. In other ways, I really like the new self confidence that I have found with a fit lifestyle. I found that loving the body I was in was what gave me the permission to release the extra pounds. "You gotta love it to leave it". I'm not ashamed of these photos, I'm proud of them, proud of what I was able to part with and proud of what I hung on to. It was when I stopped talking down to myself about my weight, and started being proud of who I was that I started getting some traction with weight loss and self acceptance.

My best friend Michelle recently hit her weight loss goals and I am so super proud of her. She has also made the lifestyle change and found "the secret" that doing the right stuff for your body is easy when you do it right (eat enough, exercise enough, find the balance, accept yourself). I'm so proud.

So, without further delay, here are a few pics of the body I used to inhabit.

plump1.jpg logan1.jpg first-race.jpg plump2.jpg plump3.jpg plump5.jpg