This is my most favorite picture of Annie recently. She is at Steve and Kristin's house, in their backyard river.pook-sitting.jpgAnnie has been such a rock star recently. We endeavored to start the potty training escapade about a month ago and I was expecting the worst. Several of my friends have had what I would call a more difficult time with this milestone. I tried to prepare myself for poo in the pants and tinkles on the kitchen floor.

Boy was I in for a treat. Annie did a great job learning to do her business on the pot. I followed the direction of a book that my friend Amy emailed to me and we were getting some good traction. Troy watched her one day about 4 days after we started the training and I came home to a pretty much potty trained kid. He kinda threw out what I was doing and went with his own gut. Why does this make me furious and in awe at the same time?

He was able to tap into her natural desire to use the potty. A few days later we had the infamous first "poo" in the pot and she's been pretty much golden ever since. Two Words. Rock Star.

We have had a little trouble getting her to go on the big potty in public places...they are kinda scary, but today I'm glad to announce she hit up the Costco potty like a champ, and Monday she was chill with the potty at the day care, so I think we are well on our way.

She loves her Winnie the Pooh potty and we kinda have to drag it everywhere. In fact we just take the little purple cup when we are on the go. We have had several embarrassing moments where she pulled out the purple cup from the diaper bag, pulled down her pants, put the cup down and did her business, all unbeknownst to us. Once it was while Troy was cheering at Boulder peak, another time when I was at Costco looking at frozen veggies, and more recently at a Criterion race that Troy and I were at with Steve. I thought Steve was going to DIE from embarrassment. Like DIE for real, I've never seen him so red in the face!

Update: I was just searching for a picture of the Winnie the Pooh Potty and I found out that it was recalled. What the heck? Apparently the little picture of Pooh and his friends has that crazy China lead paint. Troy is currently ripping the plaque off as we speak. Fun Times.

Annie and I tubbing down Boulder Creek at Tana's Birthday Festivities.sonja_annie_tubing.jpg