mypicture.jpg Troy and I headed out to Boulder this morning to watch and cheer those we knew that were competing in the Boulder 5430 Long Course. Apparently we just can't get enough of triathlon b/c we are still at the races on the weekends I'm not racing. Also, Trakkers had a tent set up and I couldn't wait to meet Charlie. We missed meeting each other at St. Anthony's and he has come incredible distance with the Trakker product since then, so I was excited to talk to him in person.


When we first got there we were able to see Anthony and Kirk come in off the bike and go out on the run. I also saw Jordan finish his first loop on the run and was excited to see him in the top 10 in the men's Pro field. He was throwin' it down! Troy, Annie and I headed over to meet Charlie and had an awesome talk about the Trakkers product. You guys and gals are going to love this product when it's out. You will wear a devise during the race and all your peeps back home can watch your progress online. The screen shots of the site look awesome, and Charlie has some great goals of having TV monitors at the Trakkers tent in big races where he will be streaming the stats of the runners wearing Trakkers devises. There are so many places he can go with technology, I can't wait to wear one in a race! Supposedly he is planning on having 10 athletes wearing the first prototype at Kona this year. Exciting business! Charlie also hooked me up with some great new training aids. A new cycling/tri outfit, and two awesome Splish suits are now making their home in my closet. Many thanks Charlie and Trakkers for making me feel super special today!


Okay, so speaking of Splish. Do you are have any of these suits? They are the bomb and I now know why lots of pro triathletes like Bree Wee and Amanda Lovato are racing in them. You seriously DON'T need a sports bra. The fit on them is awesome. I would love to get my hands on a few more of these!

Note: Troy is cleaning in the background while I am AGAIN embarrassing myself with the built in Mac camera. mypicture.jpg

Back to the race! We were able to see lots of friends out on the run course. The course was two laps around the reservoir and we hung out by our favorite tree cheering on everyone that went by. Luckily the temps stayed in the 80's today and overcast which is very untypical for this race so lots of people were having great days and running super strong. Kirk looked like a rock star, Anthony looked strong and like he was having fun. Dennis, Julie, Jill, and Todd were all running great. So much fun! Chelsea though...that lady requires her own paragraph.

Chelsea is one of those competitors that makes me learn things about myself. She is not in the front of the pack, quite the opposite really. She was shooting for the 7 hour mark and I just can't begin to explain what a different race she endures in comparison to the 4-5 hour athletes. Chelsea came off the bike looking strong and happy. By the time we saw her at the end of the first loop she was playing the numbers game...looking at her watch wondering why she was so off her goal time. I ran as far as the officials would let me with her, and told her to stop looking at her watch, to stop ruining her experience. She took off her watch and gave it to me. Right the middle of her race...she relinquished her watch. I was really impressed. Troy, Annie and I hopped in the car and jetted over to the other side of the reservoir. I walked back along the course and encountered Chelsea running along at what would be mile 10 for her. The lady is determined. I was lucky to walk/run a mile with her and it gave me a new perspective. I guess I was under the impression that competition fizzles out towards the back of the pack. NOT SO. Chelsea is as competitive as I am, keeping her focus, remaining determined, and aiming for a good attitude. Her race may be longer in time, but it is no less intense and focused. We left Chelsea at mile 11, the finish...of her first half-ironman. I was a big way.