shapeimage_14.jpgYesterday was epic. My COACH designed it to be that way. Friends and teammates were invited, cars were shuttled to the top, Troy was assigned SAG support, an entire box of Hammer Gel was brought, an aid station was set up...yes my friends...this is a focus that we bring to few training sessions.

Yesterday we endeavored to run up Highgrade. For those of you unfamiliar with the territory, this is where we triathletes in Denver do our hill training...ON.OUR.BIKES. Yesterday we decided to run up the biggest and baddest hill we have in Denver. UH-HUH, we were to put the smack-down on the highgrade.

Miles: 11 all up Elevation gain: 2,912 ft.

The goal was to start in control, calm, strong, and patient. I achieved that goal. Miles 1-3 were easy and fun. Troy was there at mile 3 with the car so we could shed layers. From 3 - 5.5 Beth and I ran together and chatted, controlling heart rate and pace. We hit up the aid station, said hi-de-ho to Troy again and hit the crazy switchbacks from mile 5.5 - 7 with focus and strength. At 7, towards the top of the switchbacks, I was feeling strong and ready to charge. Beth and I said our goodbyes and I love yous and I took off to catch those ahead. I felt so good, so controlled. There is a confidence that you gain in a workout when you know you are playing your cards right. There’s no way you can be defeated. You are on. The last 4 miles were as strong and hard as they come.

Getting to the top was wonderful, but not as wonderful as the process.

We hopped in cars, and drove back down to pick up people along the way. It’s an awesome way to do a group run because everyone ends up running about the same amount of time. For some, the goal is to make it to the top, but for others it’s just to get as far as they can. Either way it feels like a win-win situation.

Great job to everyone who ponied up today and ran (about 20 of us). Thanks to Steve and Andrea for organizing and providing aid. Thanks to Troy for SAG support.