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This is Annie the day she was born: shapeimage_81.jpg

This is Annie when she turned one year old: shapeimage_91.jpg

This is Annie when she turned two years old: shapeimage_101.jpg

My little girl turned two yesterday. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes! Here are some of the funny things she is doing lately, along with a few milestones:

-She likes to pretend that she is about to start a race. So she lines up on her imaginary starting line and stands there until we say “Ready, Set, Go”. At that point she races off. Sometimes she jumps the gun on it, but we have time to work on that before track season. I really wonder who she picked this up from? -She is pretending now. So this morning she found my swim bag and piled several stuffed animals on it and laid her blanket over them and said “Night-Night”. -As you can see above she pretends to brush my hair. When I brush her hair she screams bloody murder, joke is on me I guess. -She runs, and jumps and pretends to scare people a lot. So if we are out and about and she sees someone she likes that is ignoring her she will go up to them and say “Doo” (her word for Boo) and strikes a flashy pose. This just cracks people up big time. -Favorite words: Oooh-Wow and Uh-Oh, but a close third is Shoe. -She gives kisses a lot her dad...not her mom. She also knows when dad is going to work and gives him a kiss without any prompting. -She LOVES to dance and always asks me to “Pin Me”, which means “Spin Me”. -She can kick a soccer ball like no other. I am not kidding, she is REALLY good and super accurate. I should try to get some video of it b/c it’s pretty crazy. -She went skiing for the first time last weekend. I need to get some pictures of her on her skis, it’s pretty sweet. She went up the magic carpet with dad and they skied down together several times. She is still getting used to putting her weight on her skis, but her first time was VERY successful! Just for the record - first time on skis: 5 days shy of 2 and was at A-Basin (I tend to forget these sorts of things) -She is talking more, still not a huge vocab, but she speaks sentences. We just can’t understand all the words yet, but she does repeat her exact sentence when we say “What” so at least she knows what she is saying. Helpful!

I love this age. She is quite a hoot. She is still riding in the backpack and the Chariot like a champ so we still do lots and lots of exercising together during the day. She is active and independent and very strong willed. She is impenetrable to negotiation. She eats very little, unless you count sand, dirt, chalk, and cat food. She is still very attached to her bottle, but we did quit cold turkey with her pacifier.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!