mypicture.jpg Annie starts school on Thursday! She will be attending a program called Young 3's that is 2 days a week for 2.5 hours a day. It's a preschool setting for children who are 2-3 years old. The three teachers all have Masters degrees and the lead teacher is a speech therapist. If you know Annie at all you probably know that Annie is a little behind in her speech. This setting should really help her with her communication. We are so excited for Annie, and think that she is going to have a blast. Luckily Annie is oodles ahead in all things physical so she should keep her teachers on their toes!

Today we had the meet and greet with her teachers and boy did she love it. The classroom has lots of fun and exciting toys. She was thoroughly enjoying the dress up area while Troy and I discussed the details with her teachers.

After the meet and greet we dropped Troy back at work and ran lots of errands. We picked up snacks and paper items to donate to the classroom at Costco, and then went and got Annie's hair cut in preparation for her first day.

The papers are filled out, the snacks are bought, and the backpack is packed. Annie is off to school! Aside: There has been a rumor going around amongst my extended family that Annie has autism. As much this infuriates me at my core and I usually wouldn't address such nonsense I do want to set the record straight. Annabelle is not autistic, she is however experiencing a slight speech delay. For those who know her personally she is the opposite of autistic, lots of eye contact, lots of facial emotions, and tons of non-visual communication. My hearts go out to those parents who are dealing with autism in their families, it is not an easy diagnosis. I also feel that most parents struggle with some sort of challenge in their children, autism is not ours, speech is. Enough said.