Fun-ness, not a word...more like a Sonja word. Should be a word. Just my two cents. Photos courtesy of Todd, AKA Uncle Pid (don't ask). A better shot of the pond, and Arwen, our dog, who LOVES the cabin. dsc00896.jpg

Uncle Pid on a hike with Arwen. dsc00906.jpg

Uncle Pid reading to Annie. They got along smashingly, he will make a great Papa some day. dsc00911.jpg Bubble Fun-ness. There it is, that word again. dsc00912.jpg

My FAVORITE shot. BTW it's 11pm, and she just couldn't keep her eyes open any more. We were playing cards and had "tried" to put her to bed three times. Men are most attractive when they are daddies. This photo makes my heart melt, 1000 times over. dsc00919.jpg

It reminded me of when we had newborn shots of Annie taken and we have one where she is drapped across Troy's arm, with her head in his hand, and her bum not even reaching his elbow. dsc00921.jpg