2008_usat_nagc_logo.jpg Well, here they come. The National Championships for all us age groupers and pro's that like the Olympic distance. I leave a week from Thursday and it's getting down to the wire.

Waves have been assigned. I am wave 9, and I depart the shore at 8:12 am. Tyler is a few minutes behind so I plan to swim and bike my fanny off in hopes of delay the time it will take for him to catch me. But when he does it's gonna be a throw down. We've been training together all season so let the spanking begin.

If you are coming out to the race, you might want to think about staying all day. My parents have agreed to bring some snacks to hold everyone over (okay not the entire race, but friends and such) until the $25 pre awards dinner. I got my tickets, do you??

The pro races go off at noon and 2:15, and I'm excited to see Jocelyn and Jordan kill the course.

Weather? Well, it's not 10 days out yet, so I can't quite know, but the next ten days in Portland look like awesome weather, and that gets me to the day before I arrive. I have put in a request to the weather gods for "the kind of weather Sonja races best in".

Friday morning is a pancake breakfast at our hotel suite, hosted by Michelle, Tyler and I. Call me when you get into town if ya wanna come. Event homepage is here if you need more details.