Wake up: 6:30am SPROING!! Up and at 'em and I actually did a little jig this morning. I was happy and peppy.

Breakfast: 7:45am

So the hotel lobby advertised that they had a lady cooking eggs and stuff for breakfast. Michelle and I headed down there and I was super optimistic. I asked the lady for two eggs, the veggies that they offered, and bacon. It came out and looked okay. I sat down to eat and the eggs were clearly those "liquid eggs" that are bought in bulk, the veggies were just a few leafs of spinach and a few tomatoes. I poured the salsa they gave me on it. She gave me a GENEROUS serving of bacon. After eating the eggs I a piece of bacon. BAM...headache. I even told Michelle. It was like a grade 7 headache within 1 minute of the bacon. I didn't touch another piece.

photo 5

Breakfast #2: 8:20am

After the first attempt at breakfast I came back to the hotel room and decided to take matters into my own hands. I dug in the fridge, used the stuff I bought yesterday and put together 2 hard boiled eggs, snap peas, tomatoes, and 1/2 an avocado. I sprinkled some RSR on everything and snarfed it down. Now this is what I'm talking about. Yum, and satisfying. It took another 2 hours before my bacon headache went away. Even though bacon is compliant, I think bacon and I need a time out. Plus, Whole30 compliant bacon doesn't exist! Even the stuff on the Whole30 website is sold out. No more talk of bacon!

photo 4

Ride/Run: 11:00am

We headed to the race site and checked in for the race. Then Michelle and I rode a loop of the course (38 miles) and went for a 20 minute run. We shopped the expo and took our time. I had 2 bottles of OSMO, and 1 picky bar on the ride. After hanging out at the expo Michelle and I split a PaleoKit. Those things are THE BOMB and really take the hunger pain away quite quickly. Perfect "shit what do I eat" meal in a bag!

photo 3

Dinner: 3:40pm

I thought this would be more like lunch, but it was so FRICKING awesome it became dinner. I searched Yelp, we were hungry, I typed in "healthy food" and it came up with Original ChopShop Co. Looked good so we went. OMG!! Another stars aligning moment! I walk in and the menu is totally the restaurant version of SONJA! ME! I got the "Protein Plate" which was really a bowl. You could replace the rice with sweet potato hash! So it was a bowl full of roasted broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and onions. Then topped with roasted sweet potatoes, kale, and onions. Then topped with chicken that had a Thai Peanut sauce. Now the peanut sauce was not compliant, but the beef had a "sweet asian sauce" so I thought this was the better of the two options. Next time I will ask for no sauce because it was something they put on top, not something they cooked it in. AND there will be a next time!! I also had "Jasmine Strawberry Green Tea" and it was unsweetened, just plain and delicious. It was the first non water drink I've had (other than training time) in 9 days and it felt like such a treat!

photo 2


The email blast today talked about travel! Hahahah! It's like it knows me! I'm obviously still figuring things out but two of the first things it talked about were PrimalKits and boiled eggs. I used BOTH today! There is one major rule for eating healthy and that's PREPARE. On this trip I brought:

Sharp knife, knife sharpener, Spoon, Fork, Bowl, Can Opener, Baggies (big and small), RSR (Ranchers Steak Rub), Ghee

I have already used all of them, except the Ghee, but there are three sweet potatoes I need to microwave tonight. So far so good!

Mood Grade: A

Great mood, happy, all is good!