Wake Up 7:00am I was slow to wake up today, a little groggy. I slept well last night and I had food dreams but I don't remember what they were, I just remember they were funny.

Breakfast: 8:00am

We went back to Original ChopShop Co. for breakfast and it was awesome. Sweet potato hash (sweet potato, kale, onions, with a tiny dash of corn...I'm not going to sweat it) with two eggs scrambled on top. I had a watermelon black iced tea with it too. It hit the spot. No sugar, no grains, no dairy, all good healthy stuff. Ommmm.


Swim: 9:00am

Got in a great swim at the Cactus Pool in Scottsdale. Taper was setting in and Michelle, Jim and I had a lot of fun. It feels great to be around people that I love and enjoy and it's even better to be in a great mood and happy even keel. I'm not experiencing ANY sort of mental clarity today with the Whole 30 though. I was spacey as a bat, and forgetful. Dumb and happy today!


Meal #2: 10:45am

After training I made up a salad with greens, tomatoes, avocado, chicken, cucumbers, snap peas, and my yummy dressing. Perfect post swim meal.


Pamper Time:

Massages for Michelle and I, Trader Joes trip, Pedicures! I love tapering for the Ironman. It's important to treat yourself good the days leading in. You should step on the line feeling fat and buttered up. Then you put it all out there! My toes are now glittery purple, they are amazing!

Meal #3: 4:20pm

The eating begins here! I had a bowl with eggs, grapes, pichuberries, and snap peas. Then I also had a Steves Paleo Kit, and snacked on some dried fruit and mac nuts. We laid in bed and watched movies. This is important pre Ironman stuff, and honestly, It's important to get my glycogen stores full. With no grains, it's fruit, dried fruit, and veggies. Today I felt like I fueled up in healthy way. Also, tomorrow I will start to get nervous and won't have much appetite, so today is the eating day.


Dinner: 7:30pm

I heated up a slab of really expensive salmon I bought from Whole Paycheck (pre cooked, no sugar in the marinade, high quality, fresh caught, $11). I added a salad, and I also found a super cook trick.... Trader Joes, in the frozen section has roasted, pureed sweet potatoes. I bought a bag, there is nothing added, thawed it and heated it in the microwave. The microwave here is in a public area and I feel a little strange about popping in raw sweet potatoes for 6+ minutes. This took 1 minute to reheat. I added RSR and Ghee. I am full, probobly too full.  I have that "Uuug, I'm too full" feeling this evening. I've eaten a lot of food. BUT, I have 36 hours to slowly digest and absorb the calories and my blood sugar is stable, and my mood is really good, so I think this is a success!



The email today talked about time saving tips and brought up some really good suggestions that I am now ITCHING to try at home. One of them was using the pressure cooker. I'm totally going to do this! I have one and would love to get more comfortable with it, and Whole30 is a great time to try things like this. So, once I'm home, pressure cooker it is!

I actually think this trip is teaching me a ton about eating in a time saving way. I've been eating like a queen here, and all I have is a little mini fridge and sporadic access to a microwave. I sure wish we had Trader Joes in Colorado.

Another thing the email talked about was having a chalk board in the kitchen and keeping a list of 3-5 go-to dishes, what's in the fridge that needs eating, and what's not in the fridge that needs buying. I'm totally doing this, it's genius! It sounds like such a time saver, and I love time savers and routines that add easy efficiency to life.


Tomorrow is a busy day. I have my final training sessions, I have to pack my Ironman bags, and drop off my bike in transition. It always ends up being a rushed day. Also, you add in the nerves and that means I forget things, and double check things, and just tend to not be my normal organized self. It's all good, I'm used to it. BUT, food wise I feel fine. Lunch will be my bigger meal, dinner will be light, and then it's early to bed. Tonight is when I'm supposed to get great sleep. Fingers Crossed.

Oh, and My mood today was an A, no headaches, no issues. Really solid and consistent. 10 days! 1/3 of the way through Whole30. This is when you start to forget how you used to eat!