Wake Up: 6:00am I couldn't sleep well this morning. And I couldn't get to sleep last night well. It was a crummy night of sleep, about 7:15 worth of it. It's ok!

Breakfast: 8:45am

Yes, a very long time between wake up and breakfast. We went to ChopShop AGAIN! I had the same breakfast as yesterday, aint broke, Whole 30...don't fix it! Eggs scrambled, sweet potato hash, avocado. Nom Nom!

photo 6

Ride/Run: 10:00am

We met with our coach at the expo and got in 40 minutes on the bike and 10 minute run off. Just to loosen the hinges and make sure everything is ready to go tomorrow.

Snack: 11:50am

After dropping off the bikes in transition and the T1/T2 bags we were ready to get out of there. Both a little hungry we dug out our apples and dubbed it "Apple-thirty time"!

photo 5

Lunch: 1:00pm

We were searching for a healthy restaurant for our big pre race lunch. We took a gander and went to "Nourish" in Scottsdale. It would be a great place if you are vegan, and they are definitely accommodating to Whole30. But the food was just okay. The beef was grass fed though, but everything was pretty pricey. Lunch was a grass fed beef patty, LOTS of sweet potato fries that were "air fried," and Michelle and I split an avocado sweet potato salad. It got the job done. Later in the afternoon, 3:00ish, I had a pomegranate.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

Dinner: 6:30pm

In the room, just chicken, tomatoes, snap peas, avocado, cucumber, and avocado oil vinaigrette. I also had some macadamia nuts, and grapes after this. I am feeling good and I think my glycogen stores are good and topped off.

photo 1

Final Thoughts:

Tomorrow I do my 11th Ironman. It will take me all day. I'm not sure if a post is going to happen, but I will try. I will be using my normal fueling routine that I do for Ironmans. It focuses on whole foods and basic ingredients. I assume I'm not going to feel so great after the race. No amount of Whole30 can counteract an Ironman! Also, I usually have JUNK after I finish. Pizza, Mexican, whatever my tummy is wanting, but tomorrow I am not going to do that. I'm taking a PaleoKit for after, and I'm going to keep it Whole30 the night of the race. That means no booze to celebrate the end of my season, and that's okay!

Mood Grade: B

Spacey and total Ironman Brain!