Wake Up: 4:15am I slept like a log lsat night! About 7.5 hours with one wake up at 2am. Usually the night before is more problematic in the sleep department, but this was great. I love it when it goes down like this.

Breakfast: 4:30am

I went with 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana. I brought another egg and banana with me but didn't eat it. I also sipped on some Osmo and split a Honey Stinger waffle with Michelle 10 minutes before we got in the water to start our day.

photo 2

Race Fuel: 7am - 4:35pm

I had 6 bottles of Osmo (drank 5 of them), 2.5 Picky Bars (ran out of Amrita before this race), 2 bags of honey stinger chews. That was on the bike. Then on the run I had 2 FuelBelt 10oz bottles of Osmo and at mile 13 I had coke, lots of coke, that did not sit well with my tummy, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

photo 3

Post Race: 5:20pm-ish

I waited for Michelle to come in before I went to the food tent. I had 2 orange slices, 1/2 a banana, About 1.5 cups of grapes. No photo as I didn't have my phone.

Dinner: 9:00pm

It takes a long time to get all your stuff, get back to the hotel, shower, lay on the bed for awhile, and then finally get the mojo to go eat. My stomach was not happy, it never is after racing like this. But Michelle found a Chipotle and off we went. I had carnitas with veggies, salsa, guac, and lettuce and it was amazing and wonderful, and so tasty....and Whole30 (is there diary in the guac...I was concerned about that).

photo 1

Snack: 12:33am

I'm eating dried pineapple...because I did a flipping ironman today!

The Race:

There will be a huge post on my tri blog, but the short and sweet, because I know Gina is on pins and needles... I had the best race of my life. I was the fastest amateur, I won my Age Group (comes with fastest amateur), I scored a Kona slot for 2015 (comes with winning your age group) and I had a 15 minute PR (Personal Record). I can't wait to put my thoughts together on Whole30 and how I think it played into things. I'm still on cloud 9!!