Wake Up: 7:45am Troy and I were up rather late last night with guests over, but we slept in and got 8 hours of sleep. Really amazing sleep! Great night!

Breakfast: 8:30am

The rest of last nights pork tenderloin with apple salsa, the rest of my sweet potato hash, and a side of avocado with ranchers steak rub. I actually had trouble eating everything. It was feeling like too much food, but I think a good big breakfast works really well for me.

photo 8

I went balsamic vinegar shopping today. It was quite awesome. We have this specialty shop that sells balsamic and olive oil and it was such a treat to pick up some new Whole30 compliant flavors. Super yum! We also went to the mall and I got a new glass storage container, a tiny funnel, and a new plate. Random, I know. I also successfully navigated the mall food court WHILE I was hungry. I'm feeling super human when it comes to the temptations today. I think having "definitely not" rules helps. Also, I'm finding that I can find compliant things while out, but they are so dumb (like crappy salad with no dressing) and I get massively gouged in the wallet ($9 for iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots). So it made it easier to just wait until I get home where I have amazing tasty wonderful food waiting for me. Also, I could smell EVERYTHING in the food court. I could smell sugar, and ice cream, and bell peppers, and pizza. It was nose overload, I think my nose is working better than ever right now.

photo 7

Lunch: 1:30pm

I had the leftover Turkey Stuffing Loaf, I'm almost done with it. I made a salad with red bell pepper and avocado and tomatoes. I dressed it with some of the new Espresso Flavored Balsamic Vinegar that I got. Oh my it was so good! I also had some left over Coconut Cauliflower Rice. Do you like my new plate? It's bigger! And pretty!

photo 6

Dinner: 5:00pm

We had my athlete Mikki over for dinner. She's so lovely, great company! I made burgers. She is gluten free so I didn't feel bad about not serving her a bun :) I made the burgers with bison and Troy BBQed them up. I also made the Veggie Hash from Clean Start again. It's just so dang good I wanted to have it a second night in a row. Then I whipped together a little salad with tomatoes and avocado and my yummy dressing that I found in Arizona. I need to order more, I'm almost out!

Oh, and I made the Awesome Sauce from Well Fed2 for the burgers, that was really good.

photo 2


I made the Ketchup from Well Fed today. But I didn't have, or even know where to get dried figs! So I just used 1/2 of a fresh apple. It turned out good...I think...I mean...it's totally different from other ketchup but I still like it. From that I made the Awesome Sauce from Well Fed 2. It was mayo, ketchup and other spices. It was awesome, really good on the burgers!

photo 4

Today I don't have any Whole30 homework, but I just wanted to give a shout out to the other folks that have started a Whole30 because of what they have read here, especially Ron. It's been fun to have someone to text food pictures back and forth with. It's especially awesome to share the "I feel like this" with others. I'm loving my accountability partner Gina too. She's the bees knees.

I really feel like I am the most healthy being I have ever been right now. Headaches...GONE. Mood Swings....nonexistent. Extreme reactions to shitty situations....GONE! Patience...there. Smiles...present. I feel so FLIPPING healthy!