Wake Up : 8:00am Went to bed at 11pm, so a nice 9 hours last night. It's been so cold here and I sleep so well when it's cold!

Breakfast: 8:30am

Three Egg Muffins and a salad that has tomatoes, celery and bell pepper in it. I just drizzled some balsamic vinegar on top. This was filling and it took me forever to get through the salad.

photo 4

Roller Skating: 12:00pm

I promised Annie that we could go roller skating today and we headed to the noon session. I didn't have time to eat a big meal before we left so I snacked on some coconut flakes and goji berries on the way over. But it wasn't enough. When I got out of skating at 2pm I was starving, like HANGRY starving. That was a bummer. But, I did recognize something about when I get hungry. I feel angry, and I don't feel directly hungry. I'm more just bitchy and short. This is actually a different feeling than when I think I'm hungry. When I think I'm hungry I have a headache and I'm emotional and feel like my blood sugar has dropped. But those feelings are actually stress, not hungry. So, hungry looks like bitchy, and stressed looks like hungry. Pretty major ah-hah.

photo 7

Lunch: 2:45pm

We are running out of veggies. It's down to slim pickins in the fridge.  I'm having to get resourceful today. Brussels sprouts sliced thinly, mushrooms, and an onion. I sautéed all of that in olive oil. On the side I had the last 5 meatballs that I made, and a bison patty. I used the "Awesome Sauce" from Well Fed 2 on the meat. It's so good and goes great to give the meat a kick.

photo 6

Dinner: 8:00pm

Yea, we pretty much couldn't wait long until making the pork tenderloin again with the Apple Salsa. I put the link to this recipe in Day17. It's so good, one of my new favorites. On the side we were using what we had left in the fridge, sweet potato, onion and kale, roasted at 400 for about 30 minutes with olive oil on it. Leftovers for breaky tomorrow too.

photo 2

Eggs: Finding Good Food

The email today talked about sourcing good food. In Colorado we don't have a very long veggie growing season, so our CSAs run about 20 weeks, with 5 of those being a lot of lettuce. We have belonged to several CSAs through the years, some good, some meh. Farmers markets don't exist here in Colorado any more, its winter, but I was able to find a sort of market that is open several times a week and has local farmers come in, called Denver Urban Homesteader. I'm going to go on Tuesday and see what it's all about.

Today I decided to go after some local eggs. I searched all these "eat local" sites, localharvest.com eatwild.com etc etc. but I wasn't finding someone I could just get some flipping eggs from. It was frustrating. I even found this site that was supposed to connect backyard chicken people with people who wanted eggs. I signed up for it just to find that there really weren't any backyard chicken people on the site in my area. On a whim I went to craigslist. Halelujah! I emailed three people and they all called me back! I'm going to meet one lady at Vitamin Cottage on Wednesday and she's bringing me 3 dozen. I can even do some grocery shopping at VC afterwards. I'm hoping we hit it off and I can get eggs from her on a routine basis. But let me tell you, I'm so flipping excited about getting REAL eggs. I'm a junkie for all the mismatched colors. They seem so much more special than store bought eggs. If I didn't travel so much I would beg Troy for chickens. Actually I have begged him for them, but he said no. Hahahha! This may seem cruel, but I'm the idea girl and he always ends up taking care of everything (cats, plants, kids, me), so he really does have veto power.

We have tons of cattle ranchers here in Colorado, and I know there is a ton of pastured cattle. I see them all the time, I ride my bike past them on every ride I go on, anywhere in Colorado, but can I find some beef...not yet. I know it's out there, but I need to see if I can hunt it down, these things are tricky.