I swam this morning with Michelle and afterwards I had an Osmo recovery drink in the hot tub. I got that in within 5 minutes of being done with my swim. I also watched the clock to see when I was in the car after to see how much time my normal post swim routine took. 18 minutes.  That's not so bad. It's within the 30 minute window but not the 15 minute window. After swimming Michelle and I drove to Boulder to have lunch at Zeal. Our friend Wayde opened this restaurant 8 days ago and I've been twice now. Wayde is an Ironman athlete and we were on the Kona start line in 2012 together and did some training together before that race. Actually we were walking around in Kona the day after the race and he went into the Donkey Balls store and bough me a package of "dingleberries." You know you have good friends when they can make fun of your 1 million portapotty visits the day after!! He's always had a soft spot in my heart since then. He has supported me in a brotherly way for years and his new venture is AWESOME.  It's literally EXACTLY the type of food I love. Michelle and I started with the house fermented plate and two glasses of beet juice. It was light and fresh tasting, so very good.

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For the main meal I had a bowl that had roasted veggies in it, a huge assortment, and grass fed organic beef, and then it was drenched in a divine coconut curry sauce. Michelle said the only problem with the place was they they didn't bring us spoons to slurp up the last bits of our sauce. She wanted to lick the bowl, I did too.

I'm just really proud of my friend Wayde for opening a restaurant that is serving the kind of food that it's so hard to find. I'm proud of him for hiring top notch executive chefs and putting fresh juices front and center on the menu. The food is fresh, sustainable, catering to all sorts of health enthusiasts. If you are Paleo, Vegan, Whole30, Gluten Free, you name it, they understand all those terms and aim to make GREAT food for all those different groups of people. If you are ever in Boulder, Zeal should be first on your list.

(PS they even have cauliflower rice as an option in your bowls...insane)