Giveaway....keep reading!! Today was pretty awesome! I had a huge meeting with my swim coach and that got my brain juices flowing....gotta post a blog on the triathlon blog sometime soon over it.

I ran in the afternoon with Michelle. We didn't go far since it was her first run in a month (since IMAZ). It was painful for her, but I felt good and mainly talked her ear off the entire time. I do that. I talk more than her. She still talks a lot, but get me going and you CAN NOT SHUT ME UP. It was one of those days.

So, I'm reading The Happiness Project. Thank you Gina, this was her suggestion and so far so good! I gotta share this quote from the book:

The most reliable predictor of not being lonely is the amount of contact with women. Time spent with men doesn't make a difference.

-The Happiness Project

So, essentially men need time with women to not feel lonely, and women need time with women to not feel lonely. Everyone needs time with women! I was telling Michelle that a lot of days I speak more words to her than I do to Troy, and so this quote validated that for me. I need Michelle!

After our run, I didn't have a recovery drink. I REALLY did not feel that I needed it and I went home and heated up some sweet potato and ground beef, had a pear along side too.

Dinner tonight was cleaning out the fridge of leftovers! Steaks, Chicken, sweet potato, veggies. It was a great hodge-podge of a meal that really filled me up.

On my run with Michelle today I asked if she would give away some Whole30 compliant stuff on my blog!!!! She said yes! Whoop!!!

I've never done this but here I go!

What can you win?

--- A 3oz container of Ranchers Steak Rub: or as I call it RSR. I put this on everything, meat, veggies, you name it. Anywhere you would put salt and pepper, use this instead for MORE JOY!

--- A 3oz container of Everything Spice Blend: I haven't tried this yet, but Michelle says that if you take the goodies on top of an Everything bagel...that's what's in here. And Erin told me in the comments the other day that I HAD TO TRY IT, so I thought I would ask Michelle if she would give some away!

How do you win?

--- Go like Michelle's brand new Wildtree Facebook page. That will get you one entry.

--- Send Michelle your email address so she can add it to her distribution when she sends out recipes and what not: Send to michelle_ford AT comcast DOT net . That will get you a second entry

--- Then, just so we can keep track of you, leave a message here with which of those (or both) that you did.

When do you win?

Monday Dec. 23rd I will pick a random winner (or 2) and notify you here on this blog.

Tomorrow Troy and Annie and I begin an epic road trip out to California for the holidays. It's going to take a couple days to drive there and recover from driving there! I'll be back posting on the blog on Monday most likely. Have a great weekend everyone! Move your body every day, have fun with the holidays, but make the rest of the meals healthy and balanced!!

And guess what? Next week I'm going to get back to posting food pictures! My parents love to cook, so there should be lots of fun Whole30 cooking action happening! Stay tuned!