Screeches the silly triathlete with arms held high! Well, I spent some time off the wagon and boy did I miss it! I ate chips, and cake, and I had some bacon and cheddar scones...3 of a row. The family and I went to California for 10 days and I will say the worst eating part was the drive. I tried so hard and I had good options, and I ate them all, but I ate a lot of junk along the way too. One night I drove through the night powered by really sugary and creamy 1/2 gallon of it. I tried to make good choices to counteract the less ideal choices, and thankfully that meant I didn't really do any binging. We went to farmers markets and bought lots of good food that I ate.

photo 2

But, now I'm back home and excited and enthusiastic to join all the other New Year Resolution Whole30ers. This month ( case you were case you were confused) I get back into the meat and potatoes of training and one thing I want to highlight that I learned from the last Whole 30 is in regards to training nutrition. So, I think you can totally Whole30 though endurance training if you want to. You can eat hard boiled eggs before every flipping workout, you can drink coconut water and eat bananas and oranges and dates during and you can have sweet potato and chicken after every session, but I'm not going to do that. But you can, and I want to be clear there. Those are foods that I have a lot of during my normal day. So, as a caveat for the endurance folks that are following along and want to say "BUT SHE'S CHEATING" , I will say....yes, yes I am.

During workouts I will have Osmo Active in my bottles, and I will eat picky bars, Amrita bars, and occasional bag on Honey Stinger Chews. After my training sessions I will have Osmo Recovery mixed with almond milk. My other meals will be Whole 30. Also, Whole30 does not allow dessert, but in the evening I will have a bowl of frozen fruit mixed with shaved coconut. Besides that, it's Whole30 baby.

Also, I know what I'm going to do at the end of 30 days, I'm going to go off Whole 30 for 3 days, and then most likely right back on. A 3-5 day break is needed. Especially if I'm going to keep blogging. The downtime is good and healthy for me.

So, those are my rules this go around for the Whole 30 side of things.

HOWEVER....I'm sweetening the deal for myself this go around! I'm adding in SLEEP30!

So my resolutions for 2014 are to "DO more" (of the little things that matter like taking out the trash, and being less lazy with short tasks), and COMMUNITY. In order to make room for all of that I'm going to need more vitality this year. I need more MOJO, less...."BLEEHHH where's my bed." I need "all the single ladies" mojo. Have you seen that video? Those girls have MOJO! Have you ever belted out that song in your car? Were you not just dancing like Beyonce in your seat? Right? Right? That's what I need, Beyonce MOJO!

In order to get Beyonce MOJO, I need sleep, 9-10 hours! So SLEEP30 means lights out at 9:30pm! Up between 6:30-7:00am. That's the goal for the next 30 days and the only rules are in bed by 9:30 with lights out. SLEEP30 will be harder for me than WHOLE30.

Okay, GIVEAWAY TIME! Round of applause for:

Lynn Lawrence!

Email me at sonjawieck AT mac DOT com and I will put you in touch with Michelle to get you Wildtree goodies!!! Michelle also tore her ACL in a ski crash this weekend, so think good thoughts for her as she's going to have surgery in the near future to get it repaired.

ALSO....VideoBlog - I started a video Blog on my Youtube channel. You can see Season 1 Video 1 here or just click on it below. Now, watching it makes me cringe a bit, but it's something I really want to do, and while I think I'm a little sucky at it now, I'm hoping I get a little better down the road. Any advise would be appreciated!


Last night we finally arrived home at about 6pm. It's a long way to drive from California to Denver! By 8:30 I had been to the store, and fixed up sweet potato hash, cut up a huge pile of veggies, and Troy BBQed 6 Chicken breasts. We brought home some Indian sauces from the farmers market in Cali that were whole30 so I've been using those today!

Breakfast: The usual, sweet potato hash, 2 eggs, and 1/2 avocado. Also, some organic Jasmine Tea from my FAVORITE tea shop in the middle of San francisco Chinatown, the Red Blossom Tea Company. Note Mr.GiantCup (AKA my new bowl).

photo 3

Lunch: NEW GIANT MUG/BOWL! (got it in Morro Bay, paid $20, Troy was not happy about this). 2 cups of a mix of: jicama, tomatoes, cucumbers (you can see it in the edge of the photo). Then 1 chicken breast, and topped with a tomato based Indian sauce. A million different ingredients and Whole30, I'm going to get into more indian sauces this month!

photo 2

Dinner: Same as lunch, jicama, cucumber, tomato, Chicken, and also avocado with a cilantro curry sauce. Umm, Yummm. Love Mr.BigBowl.

photo 1

That's all for now folks! Ahhh, it feels so good to be back! Oh, and I'm hoping to transfer this blog over to the goSonja triathlon blog at some point soon. That one is getting revamped with new bells and whistles, but for now, I'll be here, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading!