Last night went a little better in the sleep department. I found this app for my phone called MotionX that you can start and then put your phone upside down on your bed and it charts your sleep. I loved my ZEO until they went out of business and this is nice in that I don't have to wear the dorky headband thing (I loved that thing). The app was 99 cents...much cheeper than the now deceased Zeo ($100). The app is darn near as good, it doesn't get time in REM but who cares! I'm looking for accountability, and deep sleep/light sleep trends. photo 1

One thing that's really bothering me is that I have tried to kill my night owl nature in the past. This isn't my first time. And I've been successful in the short term before. But why doesn't it stick? It's like I'm that way with everything. I'm just working on the same stupid problems year after year after year. Sometimes I wonder if it's the "working on the problem" that I like more than the desired effect of fixing the problem.

I think of all the different food experiments I've done on myself and the reaffirmations to create a specific change, but some things I'm just really on a giant, year long hamster wheel. How do I get it to stick for good this time? I can understand how as people get older they are less likely to experiment with change and they get more set in their ways. When you are young you think you can change anything about yourself, then as you keep seeing the same issues over and over, you get kinda jaded.

I really liked some of the resources in this Lifehack page. I've committed to 30 days, made it a daily routine and started simple. I'm trying to remain consistent and I formed a trigger with my bedtime alarm.

#8 says to "replace lost needs" and that's something I haven't thought about. What am I losing when I go to bed at 9:30 instead of 11pm? It's the 90 minutes of me time to watch TV, surf twitter, or read without feeling like I'm busy. When I wake up early I get to work doing things and then going to bed early I don't get that down time. The whole point of early to bed early to rise is to replace that down time with productive time. So there is a need here that isn't being met anymore. I'm going to have to think on that one.

Today was crazy snowy and the DOMS from lifting weights pretty hard yesterday was alive and well today, but I got up at 6:30, put on my run clothes and met a local group to run around in little circles because of the snow. I'm so glad I did so. It was great to get out in the snow!

Today was a bad eating day. I didn't have any non Whole30 foods, but I went running at 7:30.  I had woken up at 6:30 so I didn't eat breakfast. Then after the run I came back home and it was awhile before we could get ourselves together to go find food. All the food I prepped on Wednesday night was gone and the fridge was empty, literally...just condiments.

So we hoofed it to Whole Foods at about noon because that was the only place close I could think of that I could get good food. My bowl was the most pricy at $14 and it was such a it fed me, and what's done is done. Mine is the bowl...clearly everyone else was a little more prudent. And isn't Annie cute with that super short haircut she got "just like mom."

photo 3

Then I lost my appetite and didn't eat the rest of the day. Finally at 7:30 I forced myself to eat something. It's just been a strange eating day. I had a left over sausage and sweet potatoes I did in the oven a few hours prior. Just not hungry today.

photo 2-1

Tomorrow is Sunday, it's schedule writing day and it's also my last day of freedom. Training for 2014 starts Monday and I just had a big chat with coach today on what that is going to entail. Thank goodness I'm feeling rested and ready to go because I'm going to have to be on my game for the next 9 months or so. It's big stuff, but exciting stuff. I've never had a coach who is ready and willing to really give me the hard stuff, and I'm ready for it!

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